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N Exeter Remodel:

The old house on N Exeter was a challenging project for us, as we had to provide design services for the project with the owner living out of state as well as assisting the owner with property management.

The original house had 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, and was originally built in 1903 in the Portsmouth Neighborhood. During the remodel, we discovered pre-existing fire damage as well as multiple temporary remodels that were done over the life of the house – none of which were obvious when the remodel started.

We were able to assist the owner in adding both a 4th bedroom as well as a 2nd bathroom, we opened the kitchen to the dining and living room areas to facilitate a more modern open layout. We installed all new flooring, created a new kitchen, and took an old laundry area to open up the back porch off the kitchen with French doors to the outside. We replaced all of the electrical to mitigate the knob and tube wiring. The wrap around front porch we were able to refurbish and make new again.
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